3d-Superlab Mk8 RubyB - Superlab Mk8/CR10 Brass Ruby Nozzle 1.75-0.4mm

Superlab Mk8/CR10 Brass Ruby Nozzle 1.75-0.4mm
Ruby MK8 Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.40mm
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3d-Superlab Mk8 RubyB
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  • HIGHLY WEAR RESISTANT - Ruby mounted tip makes sure that even the toughest materials will be printable
  • MAKERBOT COMPATIBILITY - This MK8 version is suitable for printers that uses ”MK8-style” nozzles
  • EXCELLENT HEAT CONDUCTIVITY - Brass body has excellent heat conductivity
  • Maximum temperature: High temperatures, but the exact maximum temperature varies between models
  • Best used with: All materials, including heavy use of abrasive materials and engineering plastics such as PEEK and Ultem