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Featured Products

Colido X3045 3d Printer

  • Industrial 3d Printer
  • Steel Frame
  • Handles PLA, ABS and TPU.
  • Build Volume 30cm x 30cm x 45cm
  • Layer Print Resolution Setting 0.1-04mm.
  • Heated Glass Platform


Colido 3.0 WIFI 3d Printer

  • The only 3D printer brand that allows toolless print object removal  
  • Build Volume – 22.5cm x 14.5cm x 14 cm
  • Very high print quality – up to 0.1 mm resolution.
  • Dual Feeding Print Head


3d Printers Current Models

Colido Mega 3d 

  • Wide Platform size  
  • Build Volume of 1.0m diam x 1.5m height 
  • A larger nozzle of 0.8mm layer resolution


Colido Compact 3d Printer
  • Home use.
  • Build Volume 13cm x 13cm x 13cm
  • Transparent Case 

Colido 3d DIY Kitset 

  • Supports PLA/ABS filament
  • Educational use 
  • Build Volume – 20cm x 20cm x 17cm 


Colido 3.0 3d Printer

  • Colido's patented glass platform.
  • Build volume 22.5cm x 14.5cm x 14.0cm


Colido X3045 Duo 3d Printer.

  • Dual Feeding Heads
  • Handles ABS, TPU.
  • Build size 30cm x 30cm x 45cm 


Colido H4080 3d Printer

  • Handles PLA, ABS, TPU, PA, PC+
  • Build Volume 40cm x 40cm x 80cm

Multi Colours PLA

Filament 1kg

$45.00 each

Multi Colours ABS Filament 1kg

$45.00 each

Colido D1315 Plus

  • Circular Print Bed
  • Build Volume 13cm Dia x 15cm
  • Resolution 0.05mm


Colido Cubic 3d Printer

  • Small Size
  • Build Size 20cm x 20cm x 19cm
  • Filament PLA


3d Printer Consumables
  • Glass Platform
  • Plastic Platform
  • Nozzle
  • Coatings

3d P Nozzle X   3d Printer Repair Parts
  • Main Board
  • LCD Panels
  • Heat Table
  • Belts
  • Screw Rods
  • Tape