About Us

3d PrintSource supplies parts for 3d printers manufactured by various suppliers. We endeavor to source and supply the best available product we can for 3d specific printers.

All parts used on various types of 3D printers and all accessories that can help improve your 3D printing experiences.

From 3D printer mainboards, stepper drivers, LCD displays, touchscreens, heatbeds, BL touch, hotends, nozzles, extruder gears, timing pulleys, timing belts, thermistors, heater cartridges, small fans, to leadscrews, smooth rods, extrusions, guide rails, power suppliers, stepper motors, ribbon cables, kapton tapes, bearings, couplings, glass boards, 3D printing surface, PEI sheet, spring steel sheet, magnetic sheet, FEP film, nozzle cleaning drills, nylon cable ties......Besides, we have special 3D printer parts for popular 3D printers like Reprap/Original Prusa i3/Ultimaker/Makerbot/Delta Kossal/Creality CR10/ Ender3 etc.

Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our continuous improvements and innovations. In the process of hardware and material properties development, there came multiple variables that would cause failure. We will never compromise on quality, even in the face of any challenges. Instead, these obstacles will turn into valuable experiences and opportunities that give us the upper hand over competitors.

Going the Extra Mile


Do you have any guarantee on the product quality?

We offer 100% quality assurance for all products we sell. We accept refunds or replace new products (or parts) for free with any product quality issues