3d Filament

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Filament for 3d Printers

As we are developing this section of the website, there are only a few filaments listed.

We are performing a survay to determine the requirements for the many distinct types of filaments in the markets.

If you would like a competitive quote, please email us, and specify what you require and the expected quantity.


  • ABS Filament 1.75
    -ABS Flexible
    -High Strength
    -Good Toughness
    -Stable in Performance
    NZ$ 28.98
    NZ$ 25.20 excl GST
    Out Of Stock
    Delivery Expected Soon
  • PLA+ Filament
    PLA+ Filament
    -Small Shrinkage
    -Non Toxic
    -Stable in Performance
    NZ$ 32.89
    NZ$ 28.60 excl GST
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
  • TPU-Flexible Filament
    TPU flexible filament
    -Hight Soft and Elasticity
    -High Transparency
    NZ$ 42.72
    NZ$ 37.15 excl GST
    Out Of Stock
    Delivery Expected Soon