High Quality Filaments

What is magical materials?

There is a lot of 3d printer materials available in today’s market – some expensive and underutilized. More and more 3d products are released nowadays but there is a lot of available material that is not good quality. CoLiDo supplies high quality 3d printing materials to enable users to choose the best option for their 3d experiences. CoLiDo filaments are made with premium materials, 6 basic colours for PLA and ABS materials, 4 coloured transparent filaments. Most 3d printers can only print hard ABS and PLA materials. But CoLiDo also has wood-like filament and bendable flex filament to let you have greater flexibility in 3d printing. These filaments allow you to create colourful and special 3d objects. Post-processing is also important in 3d printing. It helps to make your prints look better and feel smoother. CoLiDo also offers surface coating liquid in five colours to help to enhance your prints. 

Posted: Wed 22 Apr 2020